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Sally Beresford – Website Launch

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Sally Beresford Antiques

Front Row Media is pleased to announce the launch of the new Sally Beresford website. The first stage of development was to install a content managed system (CMS) with the ability to sell products and services online down the track.


Sally Beresford represents a world of luxury and style. Sally Beresford Antiques specialises in 17th-19th Century French Provincial and English Georgian furniture and decorative items. French Farmhouse Tables by Sally Beresford showcases hand-crafted aged European timber tables, a selection of dining and occasional chairs and furniture. For those who appreciate Sally’s style, a home decorating service is available.


Monday, May 12th, 2008

Good Branding will improve the overall marketing and recognition of your business. Branding is about presenting the face of your business to the market place. Good Branding attracts good results.

The re-branding of some businesses will assist in many ways, including the morale of employees and their pride in the business. Branding is a mix of things such as the name, symbol, or logo and other designs.

With everyone in the business utilising the one brand we all become more acceptable and recognisable in our respective areas of operation. It becomes easy to recognise a business and what it stands for particularly when you are travelling. However we must all deliver on the Brand that has been created. People develop an expectation of what is being delivered in the products and services that are offered.

Do you remember back a few years, the differences in motor vehicles?

It was easy to create advertising and customer awareness of each model.

Well now that most of them look the same to the average buyer they have to depend on their Brand image to get that edge in the market. Branding helps us all to position our business and the business network. The Brand helps us to sharply focus messages about our products and services. The Brand is use as an aid to communicate a message about your business and what it stands for.

The objectives of Branding include such things as:

    • Individualising the business and its products and services by building a bridge between the business and the customers in the market.
    • Make your brand the first step towards getting a high degree of customer and market acceptance, even for a single stand alone business.
    • Identify a level of service and what that service actually represents.
    • Use branding to distinguish the business from the rest.
    • Use to provide greater independence in shaping the business’s structures and practices.
    • Use the brand to help to give customers, partners and employees a feeling of belonging, a home base to work from.
    • Provide closer links and identification between businesses across Australia.
    • To help potential customers or users of the businesses products and services to identify them.