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Beecroft Rugby Club

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Front Row Media is pleased to announce Sponsorship of Beecroft Rugby Club The launch of Beecroft Rugby Club 2009 website. With ease of use in mind we installed and templated blogging software WordPress Content Managenement System (CMS)

Visit: Beecroft Rugby Union

The Beecroft Rugby Club was formed as an entity in 1998. In the past eleven  seasons it has quickly developed to the stage where it now caters for six Grade teams and one Colts team in the premier 1st Division level of the very competitive NSW Suburban Rugby Union Competition. In addition the club fields a team in the recently formed U85 kg competition. Indeed, it has proved to be a highly competitive and progressive club.

Motionworks Website

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Front Row Media is pleased to announce the launch of the new Motionworks Website.  Our solution was to install and fully customise the WordPress blogging CMS, with the ability to sell products and services online.


Based in Sydney Australia, John Dickinson is a cutting-edge motion graphics artist who is in demand. As Senior Broadcast Designer at Foxtel (, ambassador and presenter for Adobe Australia ( and demo artist for Zaxwerks ( and Red Giant Software (, John delivers highly creative yet commercially relevant motion graphics solutions. With Motionworks, John combines 12 years of industry experience with a proven teaching ability to provide high quality learning resources that encourage and challenge participants to break through to new levels of excellence and impact in their work.

Souls Private Equity Limited Website

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Souls Private Equity Limited (SPEL), new website released today.

SPEL is an investment company focusing primarily on unlisted, small and mid-market investments. SPEL was listed on the ASX during December 2004.

SPEL targets investments in growing industries and markets, principally in Australasia.

Visit Website:

Sally Beresford – Website Launch

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Sally Beresford Antiques

Front Row Media is pleased to announce the launch of the new Sally Beresford website. The first stage of development was to install a content managed system (CMS) with the ability to sell products and services online down the track.


Sally Beresford represents a world of luxury and style. Sally Beresford Antiques specialises in 17th-19th Century French Provincial and English Georgian furniture and decorative items. French Farmhouse Tables by Sally Beresford showcases hand-crafted aged European timber tables, a selection of dining and occasional chairs and furniture. For those who appreciate Sally’s style, a home decorating service is available.

Blogging for fun and profit

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Why do people still write blogs? they are so 2004 and yet they persist.

I guess in many ways they are a nice alternative to a messy cms solution for publishing news about your business or relevant articles.

One problem with websites is that it can take a lot of effort to continue to produce and publish compelling information to put on your website. But a few news items can make the world of difference to a prospective customer or client. And by having them visit your website you have an ideal opportunity to present yourself and your business in the best possible light, furthermore they have actively sought you out and are asking for information.

Does this make blogging, or writing news for your site a worthwhile use of your time?

Consider two websites identical except for one has a blog which is updated regularly. Let’s assume there is an equal chance of either being visited by a prospective client.

Company 1 – No blog

The prospect finds the site and is interested in being supplied with a product or service. The website tells the prospect the product or service is available, possibly a price and of course some contact details to view or order the product or service. Not too bad, well on the way to a sale.

Company 2 – Website with updated blog

The prospect finds the site and all the information as above, and by coincidence the pricing is the same. But there is also a blog on Company 2’s site and the blog has articles outlining how happy other customers have been with company 2 and some recent customer feedback. Also the blog has articles on how the product or service can apply to different aspects of the prospect’s own business.

Which company do you think the prospect would end up choosing?

But let’s return to the question of whether or not it is worth your time adding blogs or news to your site, this article has taken me about 10 minutes to write so far, without any proof reading just yet. In that 10 minutes I have presented a reason for you to choose Front Row Media to supply you with a website and a blog, which isn’t taking a whole chunk of time out of my day.
(the whole article ended up taking 14 minutes after revisions)